Essential Oils — the smartest approach for athletic hygiene

Nature provides us some of the most powerful antimicrobials known to man. They are both safe and effective. They're safe because they work with our skins natural chemistry instead of against it. This is precisely why they are so effective. In fact, they have been clinically proven to be effective at destroying the contagious pathogens commonly associated with contact sports. Simply stated, it's nature’s way of creating an extremely hostile environment for dangerous pathogens. Yet these oils are safe for human use and have been effectively used for centuries. Antibacterial products that contain triclosan or other bactericides destroy most of the skin's healthy bacteria along with the harmful ones. Essential oils, on the other hand, are not as effective at killing everything. In other words, they create a level playing field for your skin's ecology. Simply stated it's the beneficial bacteria that protect you and why, by using essential oils, your healthy bacteria can recolonize quickly.

Defense Soap uses only high-grade pharmaceutical quality essential oils. For more information about our active ingredients and to learn more about the specific properties of these oils or the substantial scientific data supporting the use of essential oils please visit our learning center.