Defense Soap Is Superior To Antibacterial Soap.

The natural ingredients have been clinically shown to be effective against Ringworm, MRSA, Jock Itch, Staph, Impetigo and Herpes.

Defense Soap is effective deep penetrating body soap with NATURAL antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial soap ingredients.

Defense Soap is the best cleansing body soap for men and women athletes who are involved in contact sports because the ingredients have the additional benefits of antibacterial properties.

The Defense Soap Shower Gel is an organic soap. Like our bars, it does not contain alcohol or triclosan (which is now considered hazardous by the FDA).

The cleansing, lathering and foaming action in each bar of Defense Soap makes it one of the best body and bath soap products. If you need an antibacterial soap Defense Soap is the best alternative you could use.