What is HOCL (hypochlorous acid)?
Defense Soap LLC. now distributes a spray containing a natural molecule that works as part of our body’s immune system, called hypochlorous acid. It is known to many scientists as HOCL. HOCL is an oxidant produced by white blood cells called neutrophils, which are used to control the body’s response to injury and protect it against infection. Hypochlorous acid is produced in the human body by the immune cells to fight infections, as it acts against a wide range of microorganisms.
Hypochlorous acid only exists as an aqueous solution. It is a colorless solution*, and its exact physical properties are variable, since they depend on how concentrated the solution is. It is effective in wound care mainly because of its redeeming oxidizing properties. It is mainly provided as a disinfectant to help avoid infection.
Hypochlorous acid has been thoroughly investigated as a possible wound care agent. As of early 2016 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved products whose main active ingredient is hypochlorous acid for use in treating wounds and various infections in humans. 
* Defense Antimicrobial Skin Cleanser uses .01% HOCL, it is non-toxic, safe for all skin types see the FDA Cytotoxicity report
HOCL’s defense mechanism
HOCL as part of the body’s own immune system is called as a second line of defense, traveling to the site of infection, and destroying the bacteria or pathogens to reduce further harm to the body. One of the more intriguing dynamics to hypochlorous acid is the fact that it is naturally found in small molecules generated by white blood cells responding to killing pathogens before they infiltrate the immune system. The body’s white blood cells generate HOCL with salt, water, and energy. To replicate this biological process, the HOCL found in Defense ANTIMICROBIAL SKIN CLEANSER is made with an electrically charged mixture of pure salts and water.
Other in vitro studies have examined its capabilities to get rid of drug-resistant bacteria, indicating that it could prove useful for severe chronic wounds. It is also known for its ability to efficiently sterilize and remove of dead tissue found at the source of the injury that can cause infections in wounds, as well as being able to remove strong odors from lesions.
Skincare with products utilizing HOCL such as Defense Antimicrobial Skin Cleanser with hypochlorous acid
Research shows many skin care advantages from products containing HOCL as an active ingredient:
• Skin Infections – “A natural pathogen destroyer, an unsung hero for its multiple roles in treating dermatological conditions.”
• Wound Care – “Ground-breaking Treatment Discovered for Individuals with Flesh-eating Disease”
• Anti-Aging – Can promote skin thickness, comparable to younger-looking skin
• Acne – Dermatology companies look for better and safer acne treatment options
How does hypochlorous acid kill bacteria?
When chlorine, liquid or sometimes in its elemental form as a gas — is added to water, it forms a weak acid (hypochlorous acid). This acid is very proficient at killing bacteria and it also knocks out many viruses. See these references for more information.
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The bottom line
Hypochlorous acid… is an important and non-toxic tool to help prevent skin infections because hypochlorous acid is an infection fighting compound found naturally in the human body. As an antimicrobial spray Defense Antimicrobial Skin Cleanser with hypochlorous acid is the has been known to help fight bacteria and cleanse the skin and is the safest way to help prevent skin infections.
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