Infection Fighting Tips


Bacteria called Staphylococcus or “Staph” cause many infections. It is a bacterium that most of us have living in our nose and on our skin. Staph infections cause pimples, boils and abscesses.  A subtype of Staph bacteria is called MRSA.  Because of MRSA, ANY Staph infection in an athlete should be checked out and cleared by a medical professional BEFORE you train.

The first signs of a Staph infection are easy to miss. They can be as simple as a red bump on the skin. If you notice a red bump on your skin that becomes more painful, develops pus like drainage or seems to be spreading see a doctor and have it checked. Infection can occur from getting a scratch on our skin, direct contact with an open wound or from exposure to a towel, piece of equipment that has touched a contaminated wound.

The best defense against skin diseases like Ringworm, MRSA or a Staph infection is proper hygiene:

    * Wash hands with Defense Soap™ and water frequently
    * Keep cuts and abrasions covered during practice and wash them frequently
    * Avoid contact with other person’s wounds
    * Don’t share towels, clothing or equipment (like boxing gloves) with others
    * Bathe with Defense Soap™ or use Defense Wipes™ as soon after practice and play as possible
    * Change clothes frequently and don’t leave wet, dirty clothes in the locker to incubate until the next training
    * Early reporting and proper treatment of skin lesions by an athlete is key to preventing it from spreading
    * Avoid using antibacterial soap

In the event you do become infected.  Defense Essential Oil can be applied directly to an infected area three times a day. We also highly recommend applying Defense Soap Healing Salve over the essential oil 30 minutes later.  The healing salve contains 10% of our active ingredients with Vitamin A and E added to help heal the skin.  The healing salve also works well on cleaning and protecting scratches, scrapes and mat burns.

Defense Soap is equally effective aginst skin viruses and fungus.

All of Defense Soap's products are 100% natural, contain no chemicals and  are biodegradeable.
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