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Dylan S. Mack 1LT(P), SC


My name is Dylan Mack, and I am a First Lieutenant in the United States Army.  I am also a level II instructor for the Modern Army Combatives Program.  I was first introduced to your product by Mr. Alex Dibenedetto (whom I believe is already featured on your site).  Your product gives me a clean feeling that I've not had from any other soap on the market.  Futhermore, I used your product exclusively through the MACP level II program, and did not develop any infection from the mats (unlike some others in the class).  I am currently halfway through a rotation in the National Training Center, and I have not fallen victim to any skin / fungal infection.  I've highly recommended your product to all my Soldiers and also to anyone I instruct in the Combatives program.  I will be a loyal customer from now on; additionally,  I'll be bringing your product to Iraq with me when I deploy later this year.
Dylan S. Mack 1LT(P), SC

Lisa, Wrestling Mom


My son wrestles all year and often picked up ringworm.  Since he started using Defense Soap 6 months ago he has not had ringworm once, we couldn't be happier." 
Lisa, Wrestling Mom

Reva Myers


I'm a wrestling Mom for Dublin Scioto in Ohio. We were having alot of problems with ringworm. It was so bad that I had to take my son to a dermatologist any time he touched the mat he had a skin issue. We tried Defense Soap and since then he has not had any more problems with skin problems. I highly recommend your product to any team that is having a problem with their wrestlers. Try defense and keep them on the mat!!
Reva Myers

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Trusted by the greatest world championsDEF_terry_homepage.jpg
Terry Brands   
Two-Time World Champion

"Defense Soap very strong product, very strong. We use it in our room & it's in our showers everyday & it has cut us a huge break in the way of staph, ringworm & you know the mat herpes. As a preventative its been a major staple in our training regime for recovery for taking care of our body & hygiene. That's important and appreciation to them. Normally I don't do that but it's a very strong product."
Marcos Torregrosa
Ranked #1 in the IBJJF Master’s Black Belt division

Defense Soap is proud to have the endorsement of Marcos Torregrosa as valued customer and friend.
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Dennis Hall
Three-Time Olympian
World Champion

"I would like to thank Defense Soap for helping me out and allowing me to compete at this level."

Endorsed by Champions

Defense Soap thanks the following nationally recognized athletes and medical professionals for their support and endorsements.

Lee Kemp
Three-Time World Champion
2008 USA Olympic Coach

Richard Bonacci
Head Wrestling Coach for 36 years,
Cleveland State University

3x Ohio High School State Champion
Ohio Wrestling Hall of Fame

Cleveland State Hall of Fame

University of Toledo Hall of Fame

Coach, Mentor, Father and Friend

Brian Dolph
NCAA Champion
US Olympic Alternate

Tommy Rowlands
2x NCAA Champion

Mitch Clark
NCAA Champion

Kelly Stillman
Ohio High School Certified Referee

Father of middle school wrestle Bob Wall. For two decades Bob Wall was a force on the tournament circuit placing 1st or 2nd in every major karate championship from 1965 to 1972.

Alexander DiBenedetto
Former Army Ranger

Operation Enduring Freedom
Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran

Arnold Gracie
Bronze Medalist 

Medical and Clinical
Oscar Nicholson, M.D.

Father of collegiate wrestler

Board Certified 

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Gray Maynard
#1 UFC Lightweight Contender

Nothing destroys MRSA, Staph, Impetigo, Ringworm or Herpes more safely then the natural ingredients in Defense Soap.”

“My feet carry my physique every day and it's easy to take them for granted. Defense soap is my fitness regimen to keep them happy and healthy, naturally, and that to me is essential.”

— Pauline Nordin, International Fitness Authority, Founder of Fighter Diet, Inc.

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