BJJ Gi Care


BJJ Soap and the proper care of your Gi.


For more information watch Master Rodrigo “ Comprido” Medeiros on proper care for your Gi.


There are many schools of thought regarding the best Gi care method.

While it’s a good idea to consult the manufacturer’s recommendations, there are a few general principals that apply. It’s always a good idea to wash your Gi after each training session, including your whole body with a good BJJ soap. You should not wear the same Gi to training sessions two times in a row without proper washing. If you allow the Gi to sit overnight without washing it leads to bacterial build up. It’s recommended that you hang your Gi to air dry. Mechanical drying will add unnecessary wear and tear. Do not leave a wet Gi in the washing machine because fungus and bacteria thrive in a wet environment. The best method to prevent fungus and bacteria to build is to add a product like Defense Super Shield into the rinse cycle. This not only helps defeat bacterial build up but also shields the go from contamination as a result of close contact with opponents.


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