BJJ Gym Hygiene Etiquette


BJJ Hygiene Etiquette

Fungal infections are common, especially among BJJ athletes who work out regularly.

Jock itch, ringworm, and athlete’s foot can be minimized tremendously by observing common sense best practices.

Sweaty Gi’s, grimy equipment, or both, can add up to increase these risks. Using a quality BJJ Soap is the first step. To lower your risk of fungal infections, use these hygiene and gym etiquette tips at every workout.

Wash your hands properly.
Both before and after every workout, use a natural high quality BJJ Soap like Defense Soap. Work up a good lather and rub your hands for at least 20 seconds. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a clean towel.

Wipe down.
If soap and water are not available, use a natural anti microbial wipe. Never use a wipe that contains alcohol. Defense Soap wipes uses natural anti microbial ingredients. Wipe over the surfaces of your skin including hands and fingers.

Treat gym equipment with respect.
Before and after every workout, wipe down the equipment and spray with a natural equipment spray designed for this purpose. Defense Soap equipment spray is a great choice. That’s how to do the next person a favor. If everyone does this, your gym will be a healthier place to work out in.

Shower immediately after a workout.
Hit the shower as soon as possible after an exercise session. Bacteria and fungus breed in sweaty clothes. Shower thoroughly with Defense Soap BJJ Soap or shower gel.

Protect your feet and the mat.foot cleaning stationWe recommend the Defense Soap foot cleaning station. It protects your feet and prevents foot grime from contaminating the mat.

Wear it, then wash it.
Wash and dry your Gi’s, rash guards and workout clothes after every workout. Adding Defense Soap Super shield laundry treatment to the rinse cycle will add a protective deodorizing layer to your clothes.

Be aware of your skin.
Manage all wounds, scrapes and cuts as soon as you discover them. If possible dress them with waterproof bandages. Avoid any shared common areas such as whirlpools until the wounds heal completely. Defense Soap, healing salve and essential oils can be used to hasten recovery.

Keep all personal items personal.
Sharing towels, water bottles, soap, razor, combs, or brushes only raise the risk of infection being passed on to your friends. These items come into contact with the skin, if you have a fungus, then someone else's skin can get infected with the same fungus, if shared.

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