Preventing Skin Infections for Wrestlers


Keeping wrestlers healthy by avoiding skin infections is a concern of every wrestler, wrestling club, parent and coach. Skin infections such as ringworm (fungus), impetigo (bacteria), herpes (virus) and pink eye (conjunctivitis) are not uncommon in contact sports. Wrestlers need to take specific precautions to avoid infection.

Athletes competing in a wide variety of sports are at risk of contracting and spreading bacterial skin infections every time they step on the mat. Bacteria proliferate in environments are damp, on macerated skin that is repeatedly abraded against other competing athletes, on equipment, clothing, or objects in the field of play.

Common infections include ringworm (Tinea fungus), impetigo (bacterial infection), herpes (virus) and pink eye (conjunctivitis) impetigo, folliculitis, furunculosis, pitted keratolysis, Staph, MRSA and otitis externa. Diagnosis and treatment are often straightforward and vary little from care for non-athletes. However, knowledge of preventive strategies and return-to-play criteria, as outlined by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, are paramount for clinicians who care for competitive athletes.

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