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Defense Soap - An Effective MMA Soap

MMA SoapDefense Soap contains all natural antibacterial and anti-fungal ingredients so it's an excellent MMA Soap for MMA (Mixed Martial Art) athletes. MMA is a contact sport which involves strikes, holds, and grappling during the MMA athlete's training and matches. This can cause the spreading of skin infections. These infections can be curtailed efficiently by the ingredients in our MMA Soap.MMA Soap without triclosan

Introduction to MMA (Mixed Martial Art)- it is a very intense combat sport. It involves physical strength and aggression and intense fighting. Thus the origination of the names Cage Fighting and Ultimate Fighting. This sport involves two people in a close contact combat fight. This close combat factor is why these athletes are more prone to skin infections, which they can contract from other athletes or from the dusty and unclean practice mat. This calls for the use of our MMA Soap. The natural and clinically tested ingredients of our MMA Soap prevent skin infections like MRSA, Staph, Ringworm, Impetigo and Herpes.

Skin to skin contact is evident in MMA and sometimes the symptoms of skin infection can be negligent while you are involved in a tough combat with the athletes. You can never really know how, why or by who that you have been infected by a serious skin infection. So it is definitely good to follow the rule that prevention is better than cure and use MMA Soap before things get out of control. Therefore make it a point to use our MMA Soap regularly. It has anti-fungal and antibacterial agents which ward off skin infections.

Uses and Benefits of Our MMA Soap

Most skin infections are contagious, even a small rash should not be taken lightly. Studies have revealed that the occurrence of skin infection is more prominent among athletes and more often among MMA athletes. Wounds and skin cuts — which can create pathways for bacteria’s and viruses to get a foothold— are common for MMA athletes. Therefore, as a precautionary measure, we recommend the use of Defense Soap for daily use. It's s an efficient MMA Soap with ingredients clinically shown to be effective against MRSA, Ringworm, Impetigo and even viruses like Herpes. Defense soap has been specially tailored to be an MMA Soap, keeping the MMA athletes on the mat.

Why Defense Soap is the Best MMA Soap

  • First and foremost our MMA Soap is completely safe for use on any skin as it does not use Triclosan.
  • One of its components includes the Tea Tree oil which is curative medicine for toenail fungal infection and acts as protective shield against Staphylococcus aureus and MRSA.
  • Our MMA Soap also contains an essential component called the Eucalyptus Oil which is characterized by antibacterial and antiviral properties, again an excellent remedy for skin infection.
  • When used before and after fights, the ingredients in our MMA Soaps are a proactive measure against possible entry of pathogens through bruises or cuts.
  • Our MMA Soap is great for your overall health and fitness so that there is no interruption in your MMA practice.

Don't forget to use Defense Soap as your go-to MMA Soap and ensure you have clean skin after every practice.