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Welcome to the Defense Soap Social Media HQ

Defense Soap is the leading innovator in natural hygiene products that circumvents the skin problems associated mat grime and skin funk. We now want to use social media to put our products into the hand of our customers with more fun than other brand.

See Defense Soap through a whole new lens, on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Our most satisfied customers and athletes are so happy with their soap that they take it to social media  to show they’re love and support.

What you’ll see...


All over the world athletes are proud to represent the Defense Soap brand by using the hashtag #DefenseSoapAthlete in their posts. We like to share with our followers some of the interesting pictures that have been taken.

We love giving back to the community that we serve. We’re proud to sponsor athletic events like the NCAA wrestling tournament, Southern Scuffle, The Freak Show wrestling tournament, Eddie Bravo Invitational, Bay Area Submission Throwdown, The New York Fight Exchange ect. As well as charitable events like the Wounded Warriors Project and Supporting Womens BJJ.

Aside from sharing with our followers the athletes and events representing the Defense Soap brand we post education content about skin care and healthy alternatives you might not have heard about and the safety issues concerning the long term use of antibacterial products that contain the chemical Triclosan and it’s derivatives.

You’ll also see what it’s like to work behind the scenes with the leader in MMA hygiene products. See it all from your amazingly dedicated team that operates the state of the art manufacturing equipment & packs and ships your products to the minds working hard behind the marketing department to reach people like you!

The Best Part…Giving back!

To engage with our fans we reward them with special gifts and prizes all the time! We sponsor different contests on Instagram. The contests we run throughout the year are fun to participate in: creative photos, captions & videos as well as guessing games. One of our latest prizes was a deluxe skin care travel kit while another was a year supply of Defense Soap.

We also frequently announce plain ole give-aways! So make sure to check in often for details on how to enter one of these awesome contests.


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