Defense Soap is proud to announce their partnership with


1001 submissions

Any $100.00 purchase of Defense Soap products gets you Disc #1 in the soon-to-be-released ‘1001 Submissions’ series, absolutely FREE!

This explosive MMA DVD series, starring UFC veteran Din Thomas, is due to hit the market in the fall, but Disc #1 will be shipped in July for this promotion. Orders over $100 at will qualify for the Free DVD, starting today!

Here is the breakdown for Disc #1 in the series:

DVD DISC #1 (5 volumes)


  • VOLUME 1: 1001 Submissions intro
  • VOLUME 2: Standing control & flow
  • 10 points of control with examples of standing control combos.
  • VOLUME 3: Ground control & Flow
  • The 20 standard ground positions with fine points on holding each position and how to flow from position
  • to position.
  • VOLUME 4: Introduction to Submissions
  • The 12 standard submissions and the fine points/concepts of making them work from anywhere.
  • VOLUME 5: Submission setups
  • Common setups for the 12 standard submissions.