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October 17th, 2007, Guy Sako, Inventor of Defense Soap, By Jake McGee

Guy, please tell me who you are in relation to the company and some background info on how and why the company was started.

I am Guy Sako, owner and creator of Defense Soap LLC, Cleveland Police officer and coach of the Westshore Wrestling Club in Cleveland Ohio.  I began wrestling at the age of 10 and continued competeing through my senior year at Cleveland State University.  NCAA qualifier in 1988.  Spent 3 years coaching at Cleveland State before moving to the youth level with my son, Gus Sako, who is now in high school and currently ranked 10th in the nation at 103lbs. 

Why did you start the Defense Soap Company?

During the 12 years of competition and 17 years of coaching I witnessed our sport plagued by skin infections.  After my youth team was clobbered by about 100 cases of ringworm I decided to investigate the possibility of creating a soap for them to use that would eliminate this ongoing and continuing problem.  I created Defense with the sole intention of protecting my wrestlers but the word spread quickly about the soap and the business was born.

How is Defense Soap different than normal soap?

Defense is a 100% natural bar of soap.  Even though I have a microbiologist and a clinical advisor I am not a chemist therefore I fear putting any chemicals in Defense that may be harmful down the road.  The all natural route is more expensive but I feel at ease when selling it to customers.  Along with the all-natural soap base I had our active ingredients added which are a pharmaceutical grade of pure essential oils.  These oils have been found to have anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties.

By removing all colors, perfumes, and chemicals we were able to add more essential oils making the bar as strong as possible.

Defense Soap is the first bar and I believe the only bar ever developed specifically for wrestlers and mixed martial artists.

How is Defense Soap different than regular anti-bacterial soap?

In order for a soap to be considered antibacterial it must be approved by the FDA.  In order approved by the FDA you must use one of their approved chemicals.  The most common antibacterial ingredient in soaps today is Triclosan.  While researching ingredients for Defense I found articles on Triclosan, classified as a pesticide by the FDA, where Triclosan was found in women's breast milk.  Another study showed deformity to tab poles exposed to it.  That was all I needed to find.

Straight antibacterial soaps do just what they claim to do; they kill bacteria on the skin.  Our research shows that that bacterial on your skin makes up your normal skin flora that you need to protect yourself from other skin infections.  At Defense we know that we need to kill harmful bacteria but we also know that we need to kill the fungus and viruses that can infect us as well, therefore we found active ingredients that attack all three.  Leveling the playing field is you will while attempting to keep you normal skin flora balanced.

How soon after training should Defense Soap be used?

Showering immediately after practice or training is essential.  Time kill studies show that you have about 4 hours after being contaminated to clean yourself to lessen the risk of infection.  At Defense we created the Defense Body Wipes because we know that it can be very difficult to shower immediately.  Our youth wrestlers will be at tournaments up to 10 hours and I know for sure that none of them shower in between matches.

Should Defense Soap be used on the face?

Washing your face with Defense can be a hidden plus for athletes.  Studies show that our active ingredients compare favorably with benzoil peroxide when treating acne.  I have used Defense Soap on may face everyday for two years.  Many of my customers buy Defense just for this reason.

How is Defense Soap doing (as a company)?

At Defense we don't measure our success on how were are profiting.  We measure our success on the fact that we have over 1,000 customers with zero complaints on effectiveness.  We measure our success on the facts that world champions in wrestling and the world of MMA embrace our product, most recently acquiring the US Olympic Training Center.  I have yet to put a penny in my pocket from Defense.  Everything goes right back into the business.

A major step in the growth of Defense Soap was partnering up with Vincent Conti of the Idea Factory.  Vince has an incredible marketing mind.  One that very few in the worlds of wrestling or MMA have experienced.  Vince's son Blake Conti was wrestling at the Junior Nationals in Virginia Beach.  My son was wrestling there as well and I had a table set up in the hallway.  Vince came by in the morning and bought one of each of my products.  When we returned for the afternoon session Vince had created a add for me with the product he purchased.  It blew me away.  Vince understands the business world and with his marketing abilities he brought Defense Soap from behind a table at a tournament to the Sunday Business section of the New York Times over a 4 month period.  Hard to argue with that.

Are there any new Defense Soap products coming out in the future?

Defense is currently developing 3 new products.  Our equipment spray is completed.  The testing against ringworm and 2 types of bacteria are complete.  We are just awaiting the documentation.  We are also finishing up developing our shampoo and lip balm.  What fighter or wrestler uses lip balm you might ask.  Our active ingredients have been proven effective against the Herpes Virus.  Defense Oil already is being used by many to help with cold sores.  The lip balm will be a little better suited for this need.