Shave Brush


  • Made with pure badger bristles which are known for their exfoliating ability
  • Bristles are hand knotted to achieve greater water retention
  • Ergonomic handle is made from high-grade resin with a polished black finish
  • Non-slip ridge on the handle
  • Made in England, on the Isle of Man

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Our Defense shaving brush is made with pure badger hair bristles. Shave brushes made from badger hair are the best quality brushes available because the hairs are soft, absorb a lot of moisture, and produce a lot of foam. Badger bristles also gently exfoliate the skin to rid it of dead skin cells. Additionally, shaving brushes have the added benefits of softening and lifting the hair off the skin, making it easier to shave, and adding heat to the skin to help with lubrication while also opening the skin’s pores. Our shave brush also features non-slip ridges on the handle and its ergonomic design is made from high-grade resin. This product is made in England, widely considered to be the birthplace of traditional shaving razors, brushes, and techniques.

Defense Soap offers a 100% money-back guarantee on all of our products. 

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