The Problems With Anti-Bacterial Products


Our skin surface is made up of our own unique balance of these three sources. This is called our normal flora. When our flora is out of balance and/or our skin becomes damaged. These sources have a chance to become infections.

Showering immediately after practice sounds like a simple enough way to prevent skin infections, but did you know that if you go straight to the shower and use an antibacterial soap only, you are promoting the growth of fungal infections?

    * Antibacterial soaps do just what they state- they kill bacteria. This is great when we
      want to protect ourselves from just bacterial infections. This is not great when we
      are also exposed to fungal and viral infections.
    * Antibacterial soaps strip away the bacteria that keep the balance of our normal flora
      leaving behind fungal and viral infections to flourish. The bacterium on your skin
      are needed to compete for space with the fungi and viruses to create your normal
    * Antibacterial soaps commonly use Triclosan as their active ingredient. Triclosan is
      an FDA approved pesticide that some studies show is absorbed through our skin.