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No time to hit the showers between matches? Defense Body Wipes are the perfect solution when you can’t hit the shower. Designed to be portable, you can take them on the road; leave a pack in your car, in your locker or anywhere else you need to be Defended! Defense Body Wipes sweep clean the dirt clogged pores and enlivens the skin while retaining its moisture.  Defense Body Wipes are specifically designed for those who require an "on the move"  quick cleansing when a shower is not possible.Defense 6 Pack Wipes
Defense Body Wipes contain the same 100% natural infection fighting essential oils as our soaps and gels: Australian Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Oil. Each container holds 40 wipes.
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Trusted by the greatest world championsDEF_terry_homepage.jpg
Terry Brands   
Two-Time World Champion

"Defense Soap very strong product, very strong. We use it in our room & it's in our showers everyday & it has cut us a huge break in the way of staph, ringworm & you know the mat herpes. As a preventative its been a major staple in our training regime for recovery for taking care of our body & hygiene. That's important and appreciation to them. Normally I don't do that but it's a very strong product."
Marcos Torregrosa
Ranked #1 in the IBJJF Master’s Black Belt division

Defense Soap is proud to have the endorsement of Marcos Torregrosa as valued customer and friend.
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Dennis Hall
Three-Time Olympian
World Champion

"I would like to thank Defense Soap for helping me out and allowing me to compete at this level."

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Gray Maynard
#1 UFC Lightweight Contender

Nothing destroys MRSA, Staph, Impetigo, Ringworm or Herpes more safely then the natural ingredients in Defense Soap.”

“My feet carry my physique every day and it's easy to take them for granted. Defense soap is my fitness regimen to keep them happy and healthy, naturally, and that to me is essential.”

— Pauline Nordin, International Fitness Authority, Founder of Fighter Diet, Inc.

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