Tea Tree Oil Soap


Tea Tree Oil SoapDefense Soap with Tea Tree oil properties

Tea tree oil soap is an ideal option as compared to most moderately-priced body cleansers, bars, and body soaps. The latter are scented for marketing reasons with cosmetic aromas originating from chemicals, and a vast majority of these products also contain additives for color. Some of these products also contain alcohol, which drives moisture out of the skin. At Defense™Soap we think supporting our skin with a natural body soap containing a healthy formula of natural tea tree oil is the smartest way to keep the skin, the body’s largest organ healthy and hydrated. This paved way for the formulation of tea tree antifungal soap. Tea tree oil is a natural ingredient and has its own skin benefits. There are no chemicals to strip your skin of the healthy bacteria. This tea tree oil body soap has everything that your body needs to withstand the chemical onslaught it will encounter on the mat, in the lavatories, and in training facilities. Natural body soaps such as tea tree soap are valuable to the skin, but you won't discover it in Wal-Mart or your supermarket.

Why tea tree oil soap?

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil soap by DefenseSoap™ is made with the purest form of the oil. The oil has been in practice for a long time by the Australian aborigines. It has terpenes, biochemicals which have the ability to kill harmful bacteria, fungi and other microbes causing skin allergies, infections and sometimes diseases. The oil traps the microbes at the first instant when it's trying to enter the skin. Tea tree antifungal soap smells fresh, rejuvenating and really energizing. It acts as a natural antiseptic, and aids in healing cuts and bruises apart from serious skin infections. Using it regularly helps in getting the body decolonized of the harmful microbes. Another benefit of using tea tree soap is that it's less costly than using chemical-based antibacterial products. A double whammy...isn't it?