What Causes Ringworm?

Is Ringworm a worm?  No, it's actually a form of fungus! Fungi are present naturally in our environment. They seem to flourish in warm, damp or moist conditions. The Ringworm fungus itself, Trichophyton rubrum, exist in extremely large populations in wrestling mats, locker rooms and bathing areas precisely because of the favorable conditions noted above.

What causes ringworm in humans

The human body's natural skin flora contains many kinds of fungi in quantities considered normal and in equilibrium with skins ecosystem. Usually the body is proficient at carrying fungi at healthy levels. However, if allowed to flourish beyond the norm, one may develop ringworm.

Ringworm in Humans

Causes of Ringworm

Tinea sp. in lay terms is also known as Ringworm. Trichophyton rubrum, the fungus, is the culprit. Ringworm is contagious. Contaminated towels, sports equipment, or coming into contact with contaminated animals, people or even soil can cause ringworm.

What causes ringworm on the skin

Infection starts almost instantly. It begins with  a red, itchy patches of the skin. From there, it can expand quite easily, and infect larger areas of the body. 

If left untreated Ringworm will spread quickly to cover even larger patches of skin. At this stage it might not only be itchy but can become very uncomfortable and prone to a more serious infection.

It is believed that if fungal infections run in your family, you may have a genetic predisposition to getting ringworm. If genetic predisposition is the case, you must be certain to clean methodically after being in areas like locker rooms, public pools, or other moist, humid environments. Using a pesticide-free soap with natural antifungal ingredients can be very helpful to prevent and prevent any outbreaks.  Look at Defense Soap as natural anti-fungal soap remedy. The all natural ingredients are an effective natural homeopathic remedy for Ringworm, Jock Itch, Athletes Foot as well as for bacterial and viral infections like MRSA, Staph and herpes.


How to prevent Ringworm

Ringworm Symptoms