Are Antibacterial Soaps Dangerous?

Analysts at the University of California at Davis have discovered that triclosan, a typical ingredient in antibacterial soaps and other household goods, cause adverse reactions in the muscles of animals. Though manufactured to help as a surgical scrub for medical facilities, it made its way into everything from soaps to clothing due to its antibacterial properties. But now, the studies have been able to establish its course of action in the human body. It has long-term side effects, mainly affecting the endocrine system. Fortunately, Defense soap is triclosan free. So wherein you may have to think twice before buying other antibacterial soaps or check in with your doctor, you can choose our soap with no space for doubt. Defense Soap contains essential oils like tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil. 2% of pure essential oils are added to the soap, 1% of Tea Tree Oil and 1% Eucalyptus. These oils are natural and have been verified clinically for their ability to inhibit any bacterial, fungal or viral growth. Also, Defense Soap is manufactured under the strict regulations of FDA.

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