Tea Tree Oil Soap

Tea tree oil soap is an ideal option as compared to most moderately-priced body cleansers, bars, and shower gels. The latter are scented for marketing reasons with cosmetic aromas originating from chemicals, and a vast majority of these products also contain additives for color. Some of these products also include alcohol, which drives moisture out of the skin. At Defense Soap we think supporting our skin with a natural body soap containing a healthy natural formula of tea tree and eucalyptus oils is the smartest way to keep the skin, the body’s largest organ, healthy and hydrated. This idea paved the way for the formulation of tea tree, eucalyptus, and tolnaftate antifungal soap. Tea tree oil is a natural ingredient and has its skin benefits.  Tea tree oil soap has everything that your body needs to withstand the chemical onslaught it will encounter on the mat, in the showers, and in training facilities.


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