What is BJJ Soap?

What is "BJJ Soap" and why is it so valuable?

BJJ Soap is a generic term applied to soap bars that, in theory, are designed to meet the unique needs of combat athletes.

Not all purported BJJ soaps are the same.

Most of these products utilize branding and packaging techniques designed to appeal to the "warrior" image of the combat athletes and do very little to combat ringworm, staph, impetigo, jock itch or herpes. Those brands that at least try to produce a quality soap product overcompensate by adding unnecessary ingredients in an attempt to differentiate them. The result is a soap product that may smell nice, but too many added parts can break down the bar soap base. So the active ingredients must be diluted.

Let's face it; practicing BJJ is a considerable investment. The cost of gear, equipment, equipment, membership fees, and travel expenses can mount up! The benefits of living the BJJ lifestyle far outweigh the known costs, but there are also some known risks. The last thing a BJJ athlete wants is to be sidelined by a skin infection, probably the most costly of BJJ injuries and most times unexpected. The good news is that with proper hygiene most skin infections can be avoided  A "BJJ soap" that is manufactured with the highest quality ingredients and with appropriate concentrations of essential oils to keep the combat athlete's skin in the best possible shape is the best choice.

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