"That stuff is awesome. I just ordered a ton of it, and I use it every day. It's my main soap now."
Joe Rogan

We use your products year round - Steve Goudy

My sons love your product both are athletes and your product keeps them safe from bacteria. Anytime they breakout it is stopped with your product. Thank you Kindly - Deborah Paxton


Defense Soap has been so successful at lowering the rates of infectious outbreaks among our Senior and Junior Teams, that we're now expanding the program across the entire Olympic Training Facilities.
Lee Kemp, 3X world champion Three-Time World Champion, 2008 Olympic freestyle coach

"Defense Soap very strong product, very strong. We use it in our room & it's in our showers everyday & it has cut us a huge break in the way of staph, ringworm & you know the mat herpes. As a preventative its been a major staple in our training regime for recovery for taking care of our body & hygiene. That's important and appreciation to them. Normally I don't do that but it's a very strong product.
Terry Brands 2x world champion, Olympian

"I would like to thank Defense Soap for helping me out and allowing me to compete at this level."
Dennis Hall 3x Olympian

Hello Guy, Thanks for contacting us regarding your product. I must say, considering all of the advertising inquiries we receive, yours ranks among the most impressive. I like the fact that you have research support for your product line; nice, clean website, too. I feel that your product ranks high in credibility, integrity, and scientific support. So if you'd like to pursue advertising, please let me know and we'll hammer something out. I'll also provide you free access to JOPP so you can have a closer look at what we have on our website.
Dan Wagman, Ph.D., C.S.C.S. Publisher/Editor in Chief, Journal of Pure Power

We issued out "Defense Soap" to all our wrestlers along with a training brief on "How important personal hygiene is to wrestlers". I believe that combination contributed to our team not having one wrestler coming down with any skin ailment.

“...I am not a Combat Athlete by any means but I love this stuff! Not only does it work, but it smells good too! Being blind, I have no choice but to “see” by feel most of the time and therefore, naturally open myself up to many unwanted conditions. Whether the recent cycle of ringworm in my household was due to several members working in the Health Care field, or the fact that I do a lot of work outdoors does not matter. What matters is that after passing it around, and having little success using the traditional medical treatments, my condition was cleared up after using the Defense Soap Shower Gel every day for two weeks! Even my Doctor was impressed!
I have used several similar products in the past and while they may have worked a little… they just did not smell very good! Kind of like solvent…Defense Soap Shower Gel has a light, slightly musky, woodsy scent and several women have asked me what cologne I was wearing because, “Whatever it is, it smells good on you!”
Who can argue with that? I just placed my first full order yesterday and can’t wait until it gets here!
Thanks again...”
Lawrence “Eric” S.

My son is on the mat at least four times a week. Before he started using Defense Soap he had ringworm three times in two years. He also contracted a nasty staph infection which required outpatient surgery. Since he started using Defense Soap a year ago... nothing. As long as we are involved with combat sports, we will NEVER stop using Defense Soap. I can't thank you enough."
Kevin S. - Wrestling Coach, proud wrestling parent, Defense Soap fan

Guy, My guys really like the wipes and the soap. I also have a female fighter that has had problems with feminine itching and yeast infections from the sweat and heat. She has been using the wipes and said she hasn't had a problem since she started using them. Thanks!!!
James P.

Hi Guy, glad to hear everything is going well. I'm planning on purchasing more of your product. Ever since I started using Defense Soap I haven't worried about catching anything at our studio (IMS Acadamy, Santa Cruz). We do a lot of standup to ground so there's always skin to skin contact and, while others in the gym have caught nasty things like staph infection, I've always come out clear. Thanks Defense Soap!Best of luck!

We have been using Defense Soap for our son for a couple of years now . We have not had a skin episode at all during that time, even as several team members have come down with something. My wife loves it because it is all natural and has several ingredients in it she swears by. I love the smell and find myself using it at the gym.
Drew K., NJ

The two wrestling seasons before my son started to use Defense Soap he contacted ringworm, and had a major case of impetigo. The ringworm kept returning, even after two showers a day, and hotter laundry settings. We purchased two bars of Defense Soap to give it a try. Apparently it works. After over 100 matches this past year, offseason included, there was never a sign of the ringworm or impetigo, and he still had soap left. I would not take a chance on him missing the state tournament because of some other wrestler’s bad hygiene.
David A. — Wrestling Dad

So far your product seems to be doing it's job. I train and compete in the MMA fighting and the body wipes are very handy.
Brice R.

After an intense training session, Defense really cleans you off. I no longer have to worry about athlete's foot or any other funky things.
William C., Attorney and MMA Monster

Really love the soap. Going to recommend it to my jiu-jitsu squad.
Rob C.

Hello i got your defense soap at the 2006 San Yama Bushi and Goju school of self-defense seminar hosted by Sensei Zurriane Bennett and I have been using it ever since. I honestly just don't feel the same with any of the other soaps I've tried. I do believe it is the best soap for a martial artist or any athlete and just wanted to say thanks for doing such a great job on your product.
Francis Hauris

Hey guys..... So basically your products are for the skin contact when two fight and the potential of skin infections spreading???? I think you guys created an awesome product seriouslyyy... I fight out of south jersey and will be purchasing a kit very soon!!! Regards,

I wanted to share my story with you. I am a parent of a wrestler. I suffer Scleroderma and Lupus. I have had weeping wounds that NOTHING cleared up for 5 years. I have tried many antibiotics, antibiotics for a month straight, cremes, pills, etc...nothing helped. I started using your liquid soap on the weeping wounds and within 3 days they no longer wept. They are actually drying up. A month later, I am almost free of any lesions and they grow smaller everyday noticeably. Your soap is a miracle worker! I showed this to my dermatologist and my Rheumatologists who both immediately went to computer and opened you site to investigate ingredients. They also told me they had other patients they would be recommending this to. It is amazing that over 5 years I lived with weeping wounds and within a month, they are gone. God bless you and your soap.
Cynthia T, Birmingham, Alabama

My son wrestles all year and often picked up ringworm. Since he started using Defense Soap 6 months ago he has not had ringworm once, we couldn't be happier.
Lisa, Wrestling Mom

I'm a wrestling Mom for Dublin Scioto in Ohio. We were having a lot of problems with ringworm. It was so bad that I had to take my son to a dermatologist any time he touched the mat he had a skin issue. We tried Defense Soap and since then he has not had any more problems with skin problems. I highly recommend your product to any team that is having a problem with their wrestlers. Try defense and keep them on the mat!!
Reva M.

My three wrestlers went all season without any skin diseases for the first time when we used your product. Thanks!
Jenni G

Hello I'm writing this email to get some info on possibly becoming a sales representative. Let me tell you a little about myself, I'm married with 5 kids 3 boys 2 girls. They all play sports and my boys wrestle. My wife is not keen on them wrestling with all diseases out there. My oldest a few years ago got ringworm and the misses had a bird. My wife would not let my son wrestle again unless I could guarantee that they would not contract anything. I agreed and stumbled upon your product and my boy has been wrestling since. I currently am an assistant coach for his team, also I'm heavily into MMA, power lifting, and train in Jiu-jitsu 3-4x a week. I'm a career Fire service paramedic for the Philadelphia fire dept for 13 yrs. I teach up the academy as one of the physical fitness instructors as well as fire service medical teaching. I've been in the military for past 13yrs serving in USMC as well as US Army been all around the world. My point you ask?? I have a lifestyle that is designed for your soap athletic, tons of kids and actively cropping the future of today through knowledge and physical training. As well as I’ve taken showers in some countries with a canteen and a bar of soap. I use your soap, I believe in your soap...I can sell your soap. Email me back and let me know how we can make this work. ThankS.
Tim O, Philadelphia PA

Nice soap...funny story, "I am involved in all sorts of MMA training, and my son wrestles, so we use a good amount of the stuff. My son dropped my last bottle and most of it ran down the drain. I ordered a new one, but in the time it took to get here, I got ringworm. I don't know if that's a testament to the product or a case of bad luck, but in two years of heavy training and using this soap, I never had an issue. I go without for a week, and bam, ringworm."

a must have for wrestlers, February 6, 2012
By tejas 
"my son wrestles year around and had previously been getting ringworm frequently to the point of being a real hindrance to his being able to compete in tournaments and meets. i needed to find something. I saw the defense soap in a wrestling magazine and thought I'd give it a try. I bought the bar soap and the gel soap and had him try both. it has been almost a year and he has not had another bout of ringworm since!! He prefers the gel soap because it lathers more easily than the bar. the bar soap is easier to transport when flying though (don't have to deal with the security issue). so he just uses the bar when traveling using a plane. the soap is great and doesn't irritate or dry out his skin. i like the fact that it is natural instead of putting a bunch of chemicals on his body. i would highly recommend this product to anyone who wrestles!!
By Pepe the king prawn

it works!"December 15, 2011
By The May Queen

"I used this MOST RECENTLY as my nightly shower soap. I'm ordering it again because...I'm breaking out like crazy. I've lived in really humid, tropical areas (Florida, Hawaii, and New Orleans) and really dry areas (Flagstaff, AZ). This stuff works in all climates, killing off the crap without stripping your skin. In the interim, I've been using 10% Benzoyl Peroxide and not only are my bed linens and night clothes bleached out--my skin is dried out and breaking out. So, I'm back to Defense Soap. Buy it because you won't be disappointed. By the way, a little goes a LONG WAY. Unlike GymSoap, it is TRICLOSAN-FREE!

Works great, May 2, 2012
By "Haley's and Adam's grandpa" 

"This works great on any fungus or germ related break out.
It has a pleasant smell. IT STOPS jock itch in its tracks (er in your shorts)"

"Defense Soap is one of my favorite discoveries. The liquid soap gives me peace of mind as I use natural ingredients to combat germs after the gym. You would feel the same way if you contemplated MRSA (and other nasty bugs) as you observe the marginal habits of your fellow gym patrons. Also, there has been an overall improvement in the health of my skin (i.e. blocked pores) since I started using Defense three months ago. Makes me feel better and cleaner after my workouts.
By sprocker

EXCELLENT! Must have for athletes

I was skeptical at first, but after a month of using the bodywash I must say it works. Doesn't leave a smell on me and, best of all no rashes or skin problems have occurred while using! I play soccer. So after a game, I use the soap in the shower, lather up and let it set in for a few minutes. rinses off easily!
By Young M

Good product, 
"This soap has helped keep ringworm away and it also does not smell bad. I do MMA training and there is always a possibility for ringworm and I use this soap before class and after and have not gotten it. Plus my wife likes the smell better than the Selson blue that I used to use.
 Help other customers find the most helpful reviews.
By max

Best soap for athletes., 
great for wrestling and other full contact sports. I swear by this soap after spending years training on the mat.
By Danny Villanueva

One of the best soaps out there, 
"The soap itself is good. It suds up easily with very little soap. It doesn't irritate my skin, and I love the tea tree oil scent. Highly recommended.
By J. Ortiz

Brief to the point review, 

"I shall be brief: This stuff works! If you live in a warm and humid climate and jock itch fungus in regions is a problem this is what you want. Use it at least once a day in the shower and you will notice improvement in three days."
By Bobananda "Bobananda" (Oxford, MS)

Hasn't Failed Me Yet! I've been using this soap since I started training (in about 1999 or so) and haven't had any sort of ringworm or skin problem - I'm not sure if the Defense Soap is 100% to thank, but I'm sure it has helped. I'd highly recommend this product!
By Steve


Rogan sent me here, oh, and by the way this soap works. No staff, no ringworm ever. Stay black.
By Train by day

Hi Guy! I didn't know I would get a hold of you. I have been susceptible to skin infections forever but since I used a few bars of Defense soap I picked up at CSU since last summer I have never gotten any more infections and I want to stick with it. Thanks for applying that coupon, I appreciate it. Take care Guy and best of luck to Gus the rest of the way, he is such a phenomenal wrestler and the nicest little kid too.

Love the defense salve. Was on the tail end of ringworm, the soap knocked the rest of it out in no Time. Much better than Lamisil. Great products!

I'm a big fan of Defense Soap, and always keep a bunch in stock. However, you may want to know that you could probably sell this soap to more than sports fans. I am not a wrestler and have absolutely no interest in wrestling or other contact sports -- I use Defense Soap because I have skin that tends to get infections and rashes by normal airborne fungi. My doctor recommended regular use of prescription ketoconazole ointments (since there is no cure), but I found that daily use of Defense Soap is a simpler, better, over-the-counter way to keep it under control.
Mark M.

I received my order yesterday and was shocked how fast it got to my home. Excellent service by your company and thanks for the Fight magazines and the t-shirt. I can't wait to start using the products today. Keep up the great work!
Mike F.

I just want to thank you for a Great product!!! I have ordered some products from you recently and am very happy with them. Thanks for the stash of fight magazines too. I wish all the best to you and the family
Oliver R. BB under Rey Diogo Carlson Gracie Team. And fellow Police officer

I have Scleroderma and for the last so many years have had lesions on my legs. I belong to a Scleroderma Support Group online and I sent pictures of my legs to the websites photo album so other on the group could see them and to see what I was talking about and maybe could recommend a product that might be able to help. I got a response from one of the members telling me about your product Defense Soap. I right away ordered your product and have been using the Defense Soap now for 3 days and my legs are improving. I must say your product is one long waited for no more prescriptions creams for me just taking a shower with you product of Defense Soap will do it for me. Will be sending more pictures to the group so they will be able to see how your product works and how it is helping my lesions. Thanks for a wonderful product.
Doris R.

Message: Just a comment. I recently ordered one of your travel kit assortments for my high school wrestler after seeing your ad in a wrestling magazine. Now he is nearly the only wrestler on his team without some form of skin issue (MRSA, ringworm, or impetigo). Our coach was so impressed he ordered a large quantity for everyone. I'm spreading your good product name to all wrestler mom's. Thanks for the product.
Julie S.

I received the order I placed with you and would like to thank you for the enclosed magazines, they do a great deal to improve morale. Your product also helps us to continue our training while we are on deployment. Thank you,
Sergio E. SSgt Sergio

We are counting on your product (again) to prevent ringworm at Oklahoma State Wrestling camp next week.
Diane L

I have been a Defense Soap user for two years and I am very satisfied. I use this product for Bicycling for the treatment and prevention of saddle sores. I ride my Trek road bike as much as I can and a couple years ago had to deal with saddle sores. I tried a variety of over-the-counter solutions as well as products prescribed to me by my dermatologist. These didn’t seem to work and in fact, in some cases, made matters worse. I decided to go a more natural route and tried simply using Defense Soap immediately after each ride (along with gold bond powder). I found this to be a very effective and natural solution. I highly recommend trying Defense Soap.
John M.

I ordered a sample of the defense soap for my father-in-law. His feet smell horrible and he has terrible athletes foot. I was pleased to find out that the soap did help the smell for his feet and has reduced the athlete's foot.
H. S.

Hey I loved the soap. I have some issues with MRSA especially on my knees and since I used this I have had NO breakouts of the MRSA!!!! I also like to soak my little mans butt in it when he has diaper rash in a very dilute solution of the soap and warm water. I make sure not to let him play in it or get in his eyes or eat it. Diaper rash can also become infected and since, he has not even had a rash and I only used it a few times. It's great stuff really My small bar has since been used up but I hope to get some more products from you. I tell everyone how great and hygienic it is. I think hospitals and schools PE should use this stuff!!!!!!!! Great product I absolutely love it.

I got a sample of this soap and am already a huge fan. I fight amateur Muay Thai and last week I had to watch 22 fighters use the regulation headgear before I had to strap the sweaty biohazard on my own head for my fight. Seriously gross. Black eyes and bruises on the face are badges of honor; zits and mystery rashes, not so much. Defense Soap gets me clean without making me smell like a medicine cabinet, so I can be pretty and girly when I'm not bashing faces in. Thanks,
Sylvie von D.

Here is what I like about Defense Soap and Shower Gel. It works! I am not a paid sponsor. Nobody put me up to saying that. I’m not saying it because I read about it. I’m saying it from personal experience. It works. It’s a little embarrassing to disclose this, but prior to trying out this product, I had just developed a case of both Jock Itch and some Athlete’s Foot (on my hands). The athlete’s hand developed from a pair of my gloves which didn’t fully dry out properly in between uses. For me this is rare, because not only am I extra careful about cleaning my gear, but I have several pairs of gloves, so I can switch them out if the are not fully dry. This was just an anomaly.
Anyway, I am digressing. Back to the point, which was the product. I started using both products at the same time while showering. I ended up using the soap on my body and on any cuts or nicks I had. I used the shower gel on my body and face (there is a reason for this that I will disclose later). I noticed that upon using both products that they created a nice thick lather. My typical routine was to lather up, and make sure I thoroughly lathered any cuts or areas i was having a problem. I then left the lather on for between 60 to 90 seconds while I put shampoo or conditioner in my hair. I could actually feel the problem areas start to tingle a bit, which to me is a sign that it is working. After about 1 week of treatment both of my skin problems were gone. The active ingredient in Defense Soap and Shower Gel is Tea Tree Oil. I actually know a little bit about Tea Tree Oil and it’s ability to work as a sanitizer and disinfectant. This is due to the fact that my mom is a Marketing Executive for Melaleuca, which is the company that produces Tea Tree Oil. There have been numerous independent studies on Tea Tree Oil, and it seems pretty valid as a natural way to clean and disinfect surfaces and skin. Now, there are couple of things that I wasn’t so keen on regarding Defense. As I mentioned above, I am familiar with Tea Tree Oil. One of the things that I am familiar with about Tea Tree Oil. I have a bit of a sensitive nose, and the smell puts me off a little bit. However, the after smell is actually very pleasant. After you use the soap or body wash, you smell “clean”, which lets face it, that’s the point of soap anyway. However, it is important to note that even Defense clearly puts it on their packaging that because the ingredients are natural they are not allowed according to the FDA to make the claim any anti-fungal or antibacterial properties. This is simply for the fact that the ingredients are natural and not man-made. Defense also clearly places on their label that if you have high blood pressure or epilepsy that you should not use this product.
Another issue I had with Defense Soap, was an issue that I have with all soap in general, and that is the fact that I have skin that tends to become extremely dry if I use soap. This is mostly a problem on my face, but at time soaps can strip my body of it’s oils too and I can develop dry skin. As a reasonable alternative, I only used the soap on my body and I used the shower gel on my face and my body as well.
One of the highlights about the body wash is that it is made with natural oils so it will actually replenish the oils to your body that soap tends to strip away. If you have sensitive skin, or even if you don’t, I suggest using both of the products in conjunction with each other. So the question would be, would I recommend this product. The answer is, I would recommend it to product to specific groups of people. Obviously, if you have high blood pressure or epilepsy, you should not use this product. However, if you are someone that is into natural medicine and healing alternatives, then you should definitely use Defense Soap and Shower Gel. If you have any fungal conditions such as Jock Itch or Athlete’s Foot, then I can tell you from experience that this product will work. On the other hand, since there is limited testing and FDA approved clinical studies on it’s ability to effect or prevent microorganisms such as MRSA, I wouldn’t feel confident in recommending it for prevention of those agents. According to the Defense Soap website the product is effective in addressing this. A bar of the goes for about $6 USD while the Shower Gel can be purchased for about $7 USD.

I got home from training last night and my trial bar of Defense Soap was in the mail!! You guessed it I rushed to the shower and OMG!!! it smells and feels awesome and already after one use my mat burns feel a bit better and I feel tons cleaner it sure beats my regular anti-bacterial soap...thanks for shipping out a trial all the way to Aus 🙂 I am so ordering one of your travel kits asap 🙂 Regards

"Defense Soaps is an excellent product and I have used it to prevent my acne and reduce the appearance of sebaceous cyst on my skin from over product oil glands within the hair. The water in Vegas leaves your skin dry and your product helps to keep my skin from breaking out.”
Brandon H.

I have been in the cosmetic and skin care industry for 30 years. I am also a certified aromatherapist. I have tried every skin care product you can imagine and Defense Soap is the only one I want in every room in the house and with me on every trip! Last year, 3 times I got a really bad ear infection that turned into a sinus infection that turned into a scalp infection. I just never felt the first infection ever cleared up all the way!! No one believed me, each doctor said they could not be related. But after the 3rd time I knew they were connected. The 3rd time I went to a dermatologist and he prescribed a hair /face wash that was $220 for a 5 oz bottle and not covered by insurance . And that is when I went searching for you....gotta love the Internet!! The first night I washed everything with Defense - hair, body, all my cosmetic brushes - everything ! After a week of washing my hair with Defense everything was cleared up. My hair looked great, fluffy and it was in great shape! I got 1 bar of the Defense soap the first time then my second order I got the several other products. Then I ordered 5 bars and gave them all away for Christmas!!
I ran out while on a trip and was without for about a week and half and could tell the difference right away. I told my husband, boys and friends I will never be without Defense again! My skin is softer, clearer and my hair is in better shape than ever! My best friend started using it (from her Christmas present) and then gave some to her 90 year mother for a yeast infection. Cleared it up right away! Now they both love it for the conditioning and healing properties. And They said the same thing ....they will never be without it again! I know that this was made with boys in mind but I just wanted to make sure that you let everyone know it is for the whole family - girls like it because it really does improve your skin! I love your stuff!! You have made such a difference in my health.
So now there is a bar in the kitchen, each bathroom and my travel bag. The salve and oil are on my nightstand and I use a touch just for good measure before I go to sleep.
Keep up the good work! You improve the quality of life for everyone who used DEFENSE!! Bless you,
Donna from Dallas

I recently purchased the Defense Soap after reading up on it in Black Belt Magazine. I practice Krav Maga and it definitely involves a good amount of contact with whoever you practice it with because it is all about self-defense. There is a lot of blood, sweat and tears involved with this particular martial art system and I definitely need my health and safety as I continue to perfect my techniques. Recently I noticed a lesion on my forearm that could have possibly been a ringworm. My first reaction to it was to make sure I cleaned myself thoroughly to avoid any further contamination. After a few days I can gladly say that the lesion has faded away all thanks to your awesome product. I will always make sure I keep a full stock of Defense Soap bars and spread the word about its effectiveness. Thanks.
Leo P. Jr.

I recently started wrestling six days a week and have some back acne. I used your free sample last time and it made my skin perfect. I was wondering if your product is sold in any retail stores in southern California. Really enjoyed the product last time.

Guy, wanted to share some great news with you. the products you sent are working great on the ringworm, but the really incredible thing is: I have had this extremely painful ugly rash on my elbows and surrounding area for over 7 years. In that time I have tried everything you could imagine. Diabetic lotions, over the counter lotions, prescription lotions and nothing cured it. I put the Defense salve on twice and the rash is almost completely gone but the most wonderful news is that the pain is gone. What a product. Thanks again. Donniece. I can't wait to see what else this wonderful product will help.

Had been using Fight-Soap for about 9 months. I switched to Defense Soap after using the samples from the UFC Fan Expo. Defense Soap has better lather and consistency. I had been breaking out on the back of my head for the last seven months or so. I train hard every day. After using Defense Soap for a week the breakouts vanished. My feet had been really dry too. Defense Soap took that away as well. I'm telling you, I swear by Defense Soap now!!!! My wife used the Naracil on upper chest and face for breakouts. She has really sensitive skin and cannot use just any soap or product on her body. Natracil away the breakouts. I wish I would of taken before and after pictures. The Proof is in the pudding... Defense Soap and Natracil really work!!!!! Thanks again
Roman E.

At my wits end as to what to do about my skin, I ordered a bar of Defense Soap to try. I have been plagued for over 4 years with a spot of prurigo nodularis on my left cheek. The Dermatologist tried ointments and shots of cortisone to no avail, and I was finally told that it would have to be removed surgically. I could not bring myself to have my face cut and possibly make the area look worse. After applying Defense soap I noticed almost an immediate improvement, and as of today the area is about 1/3 the size that it was. I am very encouraged to see any improvement and am elated that the area has gotten smaller than I anticipated. I have tried many OTC medications, but this is the first one that 'actually' did any good. I am so thankful I found your website! Perhaps your company should investigate and test this product on others who have this same condition. Again, Thank you so much!
Mrs. Neila B. V.

Hope all is well. It's been a while since we last spoke. Just wanted to drop you a mail to let you know ho happy I was to have Defense Soap Wipes at my house after we were hit by Hurricane Sandy here in NJ. They got me and my family through the last couple of days with no power and water. Such a great product and even better company. Thanks again for making such great products! Kind Regards,
Bruce H.

I just got back from Thailand where I trained Muay Thai for two 3-hour sessions a day. The gym, as you may suspect, was not too keen on hygiene best practices. I showered twice a day with defense soap and I actually had less skin irritation than when I first got there. I regularly clinched with guys who definitely looked like they had something but I came out infection-free. I'm really impressed and I originally thought Defense soap was BS. Hope you find this feedback useful! Regards,

I want to begin by saying that one of the guys at my Jiu Jitsu gym recommended your product to me. I decided to get the five pack bar set from, also there is an MMA gym around the way that sells it, but I decided to get it from Budo Jake because his store is awesome. Anyway, I am just about finished with the first bar and I wanted to shoot you guys a message and let you know that I am a firm believer of Defense Soap and recommend it to anyone looking for a combat sports soap to prevent mat nasties. I am very happy with my purchase, I use the soap after every class, which is anywhere between 1 and 3 times a week. I don't use it every time I shower because I know that my skin needs to have good bacteria, but I use it head to toe after each class and sparring session. Many thanks for creating a product that us fighters can believe in, you have earned a customer for life!

Omg I am very happy with this soap and I my son is very happy also. He is now more comfortable with going out and not as worried Thank you God Bless
Ps. Guy Sako was a wonderful help and informative!

Just a quick one, received my order of Shower Gel(A MUST HAVE) and Baby Wipes, as always the products are great, the wipes are handy as hell and i love how my skin is feeling from the FREE face wash bar. The customer service for my order was fantastic. If your grappling without defense soap, your taking unnecessary risks.
Customer for life

My son tried a sample that an Army recruiter had in an Army goodie bag at his high school and saw an improvement by the next day!! He is a sophomore in high school, plays Varsity football and got MRSA a few weeks ago for the first time, well it came back again (it wasn't severe either time, a couple on his legs), but the Defense 2 oz gel cleared a lot of his facial acne overnight and improved the MRSA on his legs also. Glad the ARMY recruiter had samples, now I have to tell his doctor so they can recommend this to their patients also. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!!!

About 4 years ago, I almost died from MRSA. It got in my blood stream and I received last rights two times. Spent almost 60 days total in ICU. Never knew where I got it, always assumed the gym training for my fight. Between that and the fact I coached wrestling, I was always on a mat. Before my last fight, Dave Roy reached out to you about sponsoring me. I'd heard of your product several times (I live about 2 miles from the US Olympic training center and do a lot with USA Judo). You sent me a couple of the travel kits with wipes and a ton of bars.Not only have I not gotten any infections (ringworm, MRSA, Staph, any of that fun stuff) but the product even cleared up Acne that I'd had since I was 13 years old. Your product is absolutely incredible and I say as much at any possible opportunity. When I started training again, my doctor warned me that I'd be immune suppressed, and there was a very high probability that I could end up sick with Staph. Using your product has kept me safe and allowed me to confidently train the sport I still love. Can you send me info on your acne product? I've been using the soap u sent me after training to prevent the sweat pimples I get...I have not had any!!!!! That is a great feeling, never had an actual problem with acne, but since I started MMA and doing the intense training sessions, I was getting sweat pimples everywhere!! One week free of them so far;-) I'd like to talk about that product.
Tisha R.

I just wanted to tell you how much I trust and appreciate your product. I recently beat cancer yet my immune system was completely ruined from the Chemo. As a preschool teacher I am exposed to every type of germ there is. When the time came for me to return to work after going into remission my boyfriend, who is an MMA instructor, suggested using defense soap to reduce my chances of infection. As a fighter, he has used and recommends Defense Soap to everyone. I trust and use it everyday since returning to work and I believe it has cut back on my infections drastically. I would recommend Defense Soap not only to fighters but to anyone wanting to reduce germ exposure. Please feel free to use my story as a testimonial if you would like. I am a fan of yours on Facebook under Sugar Van der Berg and I do not mind posting this there if you'd like. Thanks,
Carlie Van der B.