Preventing Ringworm Infection

Ringworm is a type of skin infection, which is caused by a fungus. Fungi thrive in warm, moist areas, such as wrestling rooms, training facilities, dojos, gyms, and locker room floors. People who frequent these facilities are often at risk of contracting ringworm. It's possible that the fungus ringworm can be present without showing any symptoms.

Exposed to Ringworm How To Prevent?

Prevention of ringworm is more straightforward than its treatment. Here are a few points of advice to prevent ringworm:

  • Avoid sharing clothing, towels, blankets, and sports equipment
  • Wash contaminated clothes immediately to prevent the growth of fungus
  • Avoid walking barefoot and wear appropriate protective shoes like flip-flops to places like the beach, gyms, and locker rooms
  • After being exposed to places where the potential of being infected is high, one should wash with antifungal soap such as Defense Antifungal Medicated Bar Soap

How to prevent spreading of ringworm after contact?

If you already have ringworm, do not waste time in getting yourself treated.  Also:

  • Cover the infected area
  • Keep it dry and clean
  • Wash with Defense Antifungal Medicated Bar Soap
  • Check if your pet has ringworm, if yes, then take him to a vet immediately

How long is ringworm contagious?

There are different types of ringworm, and it remains contagious as long as there are lesions on the body, and they are active. From the point a person catches the infection to the time it appears on the body, he is infected but doesn't harm others. That implies that the infection is not contagious but has a high potential of spreading to others once it appears on the body. Unfortunately, this time phase of being contagious can vary from a few days to weeks depending on how quickly it is treated and with the correct medication.
Hygiene plays a crucial role in restricting ringworm infection. One needs to be extra cautious around the infected people, doing so minimizes the chances of the infection spreading.

Ringworm Treatment Soap

Though it sounds overrated the right kind of ringworm soaps can ensure that the infection leaves your body without causing much distress. Defense Antifungal Medicated Bar Soap containing  FDA approved 1% Tolnaftate and 2% of tea tree and eucalyptus oils, is the best antifungal soap for ringworm.


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