Preventing Skin Infections for Wrestlers

Keeping healthy by avoiding skin infections is a concern of every competitive wrestler.

Skin infections such as ringworm (fungus), impetigo (bacteria), herpes (virus) and pink eye (conjunctivitis) are not uncommon in contact sports. The constant skin contact required for training and competition can easily be a medium for harmful bacteria to spread from one athlete to the next. Competitive wrestlers need to take specific precautions to avoid infection.

Competitive wrestlers are at risk of contracting and spreading bacterial skin infections every time they step on the mat. Bacteria love to grow and spread in environments that are warm and damp. Precisely the kind of conditions prevalent in wrestling rooms to the wrestling room. Bacteria also love to spread on equipment like that headgear or knee pad you just took off during practice, wiped your face, and threw down on the mat that everyone was dripping sweat on. And let's not forget your clothes either. Bacteria know no boundaries. They can get in between and live in the fabric of your clothing if not treated.

Common infections include ringworm (Tinea fungus), impetigo (bacterial infection), herpes (virus) and pink eye (conjunctivitis) impetigo, folliculitis, furunculosis, pitted keratolysis, Staph, MRSA and otitis externa. Diagnosis and treatment are often straightforward and vary little from care for non-athletes. However, knowledge of preventive strategies and return-to-play criteria, as outlined by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, are paramount for clinicians who care for competitive athletes.

Please visit our links and review our detailed Prevention Facts. If you need more information or want to find out how the ingredients in Defense Soap can help treat and prevent skin diseases, please contact us.

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