Staph Infection Rash

Staph Infection Skin Rash
A staph infection is caused by staphylococcus bacteria, a type of bacteria that a person can carry around with him or her for a long time. Often, when an area of the skin becomes affected, an individual will develop a staph infection skin rash. Rashes are one of the most common symptoms of these disorders and can be very painful, itchy, and uncomfortable. These infections and the rashes they cause are often easy to treat and even prevented in many cases.

Risk Factors for Contracting a Staph Skin Infection
Individuals who spend a lot of time working out or playing contact sports are at higher than average risk of contracting a staph infection.
These individuals are more likely to come into contact with others who already have the bacteria or bacteria. You should not use active athletes hairbrush, makeup, deodorant, etc. It is much easier for the issue to spread from person to person this way.

The National Library of Medicine states that individuals who abuse illegal drugs, have open cuts and sores, have a weak immune system, respiratory illness, or skin damage are more likely to contract a staph infection as well.

Symptoms of Staph Skin Infections

There are some signs of a staph infection on the skin that can be easily recognized. A person could develop a small rash, or it could become much worse. Impetigo is one type of rash caused by these disorders that are highly contagious and also causes blisters. Rashes of this type will often ooze and crust over.
Another common type of rash caused by a staph infection is cellulitis. The skin in the affected area becomes hot and red because the disease is actually under the skin. Also, if a hair follicle becomes affected by the bacteria, it may cause a boil filled with pus to grow in the area.

Prevention of Staph Infections

  • The best way to prevent a staph skin rash is to protect yourself against contracting the bacteria as much as possible and by keeping your body clean.
  • Avoid using other peoples' items.
  • Always wipe down gym equipment before and after using it.
  • Shower after working out, playing sports, or any other activities that cause you to become dirty or sweaty.
  • Be aware of your skin and consult your doctor if you notice any strange rashes or uncomfortable areas.
  • If you get a cut or sore, wash it, disinfect it, and cover it with a bandage before engaging in any physical activity.
    If you follow these rules, you will be more likely to avoid contracting a staph infection. However, if you do happen to experience this issue, talk to your doctor about topical creams or skin rash treatments that also help get rid of your infection.

Avoid a Staph Infection Skin Rash

If you take precautions to avoid a staph infection, you can also avoid getting a skin rash. These conditions are treatable but very uncomfortable, so do your best to prevent them from occurring in the first place.