Getting the Most Out of Your Offseason

For most wrestlers, the term “off-season” is a bit of a misnomer. Yes, we do take a break from a normal practice schedule and we aren’t training as vigorously with our conditioning, but by no means are we just taking time off. Perhaps a better name for the “off-season” that occurs between April and November would be “second season” or even “freestyle/greco season.” This is the perfect time for wrestlers to grow mentally and physically with a greater emphasis on learning, technique, and strength training. Wrestlers have more freedom during this period and have the ability to train with new partners in different environments.

Reflecting Honestly
During this second season, it is important that we are opening our minds to new things. We can reflect on the previous season and assess both our strengths and weaknesses. In order to develop as wrestlers and as people, it is necessary that we try to improve our areas of weakness. This can be challenging for some in not wanting to be honest about skill sets or routines where we are not as proficient. For example, maybe we admit to ourselves that we need to develop better practice habits in the room or that we need to be more disciplined with our diet during the week while in season. Another area that often gets overlooked in this assessment is our personal hygiene routine. If we have the common goal of getting better in all areas as wrestlers and as people, we must reflect on our hygiene and make improvements where we find weakness.

Deep Cleaning
A good off-season routine to complete after your state tournament is to do a deep cleaning of your entire room. This should include taking all mats out of the room and cleaning the floors, edges, corners, and anything else that usually doesn’t see some kind of cleaner or disinfectant. Next, make sure all throwing dummies, weight training equipment, and anything that is exposed to contact is deep cleaned with a suitable cleaner and disinfectant. Wrestling mats should ALWAYS be both cleaned and disinfected, especially in the “off-season” with a lot more visitors in the room. Defense Soap has partnered with Bru-Tabs to provide a safe, non-toxic-yet-powerful disinfectant that is safe for all surfaces from weights to wrestling mats. The product comes in tablet form so no more guesswork dumping bleach into a bucket. Additionally, they have partnered with Victory Innovations to provide the best electrostatic handheld and backpack sprayers that are truly one of a kind. This technology uses electricity to make sure that the product dispensed actually “wraps” around the surface it is coming in contact with. Contact Defense Soap with the information below for more information.


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