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2 test2
3 Organic Soap
4 According to the FDA Defense Soap cannot claim to be an antibacterial or antifungal soap.
5 Defense Sioap Is better than an antibacterialsoap bar
6 Natural Remedies for Skin Infections
7 Skin Infections
8 Understanding Jock Itch: Prevention and Treatment
9 Understanding Bacteria, Fungus and Viruses
10 Understanding the unseen opponents
11 Preventing Skin Infections
12 MRSA Staph Infection
13 Proper Hygiene for the Wrestler and MMA Athlete
14 The Science
15 Our Essential Oils
16 Nutrition & Skin Disease
17 Impetigo Skin Infection
18 Preventing Ringworm Infection
19 Preventing MRSA
20 The Problems With Anti-Bacterial Products
21 The Microbial Enemies
22 How To Use Defense Soap Products
23 Infection Fighting Tips
24 Clinical Information
25 Active Ingredients

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