Defense Soap… Natural Anti-Fungal Soap Ingredients for Ringworm, Jock Itch and Athlete's Foot.

The natural anti-fungal soap ingredients in Defense Soap removes the fungus that attacks healthy skin without seriously impacting the skin's natural immunological defenses—the healthy skin flora.

The convenience of being able to keep the skin healthy while washing is one of the top reasons MMA, Wrestlers, Judo, and most combat athletes consider Defense Soap to be the best soap to help their anti-fungal, anti-Ringworm, anti-Jock Itch strategy.
Regular use of Defense Soap‘s anti-fungal ingredients can be used for the three most common types of fungus known to sideline athletes: Ringworm, Jock Itch and Athlete's Foot

Our ingredients also provide relief for the Itching, Burning, Redness, Soreness and Irritation associated with these diseases.



Defense Soap Is Superior To Antibacterial Soap.

The natural ingredients have been clinically shown to be effective against Ringworm, MRSA, Jock Itch, Staph, Impetigo and Herpes.

Defense Soap is effective deep penetrating body soap with NATURAL antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial soap ingredients.

Defense Soap is the best cleansing body soap for men & women athletes who are involved in contact sports because the ingredients have the additional benefits of antibacterial properties.

The Defense Soap Shower Gel is an organic soap. Like our Bar Soap, it contains no alcohol or triclosan, (which is now considered highly controversial).

The cleansing, lathering and foaming action in each bar of Defense Soap makes it one of the best body and bath soap products. If you need an antibacterial soap Defense Soap is the best alternative you could use.

Natural Remedies for Skin Infections


Natural treatments for skin infections have existed for thousands of years. Today an abundance of scientific research and anecdotal evidence supports the use and validates the properties of natural botanicals in remedying and in fact, preventing skin problems. Unfortunately the concept that "natural" is always better can prove to be misleading. Marketers in a rush to capitalize on this trend produce better unproven products and these treatments may meet with little results. Often times these marketers may not include the proper concentrations or combinations of the prime ingredient to be effective.

Still, there exist natural remedies offered by reputable manufacturers that may be helpful in treating common skin conditions that do not always require going to the doctor's office. Check their website’s and look for their ingredients, testimonials and clinically studies. If none exist perhaps you should avoid that product.

Skin infections are very common to athletes due to the nature of contact sports. You can find a handful of natural skin care products marketed exclusively to athletes. One of them DefenseSoap.com has a well deserved reputation for delivering the highest quality natural essential oils aimed at targeting offense viruses, fungus and bacteria

Skin Infections


The human skin is a vast immunological organ system that encases the entire body. What most people don't realize is that it's comprised not only of the skin but the hair & scalp and nails. There are literally thousands of pathogens that can impact the human skin. One of the most import roles the skin plays in avoiding skin infections is to act as barricade to these outside pathogens. These invaders can be in the form of bacteria, fungus or viruses.

The average person's skin weighs almost 9 lbs., and is comprised of three separate layers: the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue. There are two major kinds of human skin: glabrous skin, the non-hairy skin on the palms and soles, and hair-bearing skin. Within the last cited kind, the hairs are organized each with hair follicle, sebaceous gland, and an affiliated arrector pili muscle.

Common Skin Infections

Fungi can cause many kinds of skin infections. Fungal infections are persistent the invading fungal particle prefer damp places on the human body, although they are fairly capable of infecting any part of the skin. Some typical skin infections caused by fungus are athlete's foot, jock itch, and yeast infections. Typical symptoms include persistent itching sensations, flaking of the skin, and eruptions on the skin. Without proper care they can become extremely hard to clear up.

Another very common fungal illness is ringworm. Ringworm usually infects the region of the groin where it is slightly wet, though it can infect almost all other places on the body.

Bacterial Skin infections

The skin is a natural hosts for thousands of bacterial species. These bacteria create colonies on the skin and for the most part are considered part of the regular, healthy skin flora. Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes are not frequent visitors to the skin's flora, but they can survive without necessarily causing an outbreak. Over exposing the skin to pollution, natural trauma, pre-existing skin illnesses, and poor hygiene, can contribute to the weakening of healthy skin flora allowing offensive bacteria to proliferate - resulting in a major disruption. For the athlete, skin-to-skin contact (including hair) with an infected individual or surface can cause skin infections to occur as well.

Viral infections

Outbreaks of vital infections, Herpes simplex virus (HSV) being one of the most common, occur once the virus gains a direct foothold at mucosal coverings or on locations where the skin is abraded. After the main implantation, the virus then travels to the adjacent dorsal ganglia. There it stays dormant if not reactivated by psychological stress, bodily strain, or even sunlight.

Fungal and Yeast Infections

Skin Infections due to fungi organisms are occur frequently especially in the form of jock itch and athletes foot, because these organisms have a very high affinity for keratinized tissue. In other words, skin and hair.

The majority of fungal infections consist of three main categories of fungus—Trichophyton, Microsporum, and Epidermophyton. Most of these fungal colonies thrive in loamy soil, on animals, and on infected human skin and hair.


Understanding Jock Itch: Prevention and Treatment


Jock itch, ringworm of the groin, athlete’s itch is some common names given to itchy red rashes in the groin area, thighs and adjacent skin, including the testicles in males. Jock itch develops through sweating & rubbing with moisture laden apparel and in areas of the body where the skin overlaps. The jock itch fungus can also thrive in area around the rectum and in the skin folds of obese individuals. Jock itch affects mostly men and occasionally women.

Wrestlers and MMA combat athletes are at high risk for developing jock itch fungal rashes for the following reasons:

•    Heat & humidity associated with heavy workouts in closed faculties
•    Close fitting gym wear and workout clothing
•    Damp skin as occurs with excessive sweating
•    Close skin-to-skin contact associated with the sport

Bacterial jock itch can be easily diagnosed because the affected skin glows red color when illuminated by a black light.Majorly jock itch is caused by fungus. The jock itch fungus is spread by contact with the spores, which may survive on dead skin cells or objects for a long time. Skin to skin contact also helps jock itch fungus to spread.

Symptoms of Jock Itch

If you discover an itchy area of redness in a skin fold the infection from jock itch fungus has just begun to spread. Sores may develop in a random pattern. You may even see tiny pimples or pustules with parts that are red and dry. Small scales may develop.

The infection becomes more irritating as time goes by. In severe cases, the skin breaks down and the whole condition becomes very uncomfortable.

Jock Itch Treatment
Specific treatment depends upon the precise cause of the rash (friction, humidity, with or without infection). However prevention is always better than cure. Jock itch soap is helpful in preventing jock itch from spreading to other areas of the body.

Self-Care at Home
If you have minor itching and redness in the groin keep the area dry and exposed to as much air as possible. Avoid wearing tight clothes to prevent jock itch.

There are many antifungal medications available which come in cream, liquid spray, ointment, and powder forms. Some people may develop an allergic reaction to medication; stop using them if your rash seems worse. However use of natural jock itch soap can be an effective measure in preventing jock itch. Jock itch soap contains natural essential oils to prevent the fungus or bacteria from proliferating in the first place.

The high-grade tea tree oils and oil of eucalyptus of jock itch soap- Defense Soap are not only extremely effective in preventing Jock Itch but also to stop MRSA, Impetigo, Ringworm, Herpes, Staph and other possible skin infections. The jock itch soap only destroys the harmful micro-organisms and lets the good skin flora thrive.

How to Prevent Jock Itch?

Jock itch prevention makes use of a little common sense and good skin hygiene. Below listed points help you know better how to prevent jock itch fungus from developing.

•    Use cornstarch, powders to prevent friction and heat build up.
•    Bath with natural anti fungal soap like Defense Soap.
•    Wear loose-fitting cotton underwear.
•    Sterilize gym clothes by washing in hot soapy water with bleach.

Preventing Jock Itch: When to Seek Medical Care?
There is no substitute for professional medical advice or treatment especially if your fungal jock itch rashes are not improving. Once you have detected that you have jock itch fungus developing, go to the doctor if the rash:

•    Spreads, changes appearance or seems to get worse
•    Becomes increasingly irritating and uncomfortable
•    Develops swelling in the affected areas
•    Does not go away completely
•    Comes back frequently despite proper jock itch prevention

Most cases of fungal jock itch go away completely without any treatment. Though, even after persistent measures of jock itch prevention, the infection may come back for some people due to the nature of their activities. If your condition becomes chronic consult your physician at the earliest.

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