The Microbial Enemies


Keeping wrestlers healthy by avoiding skin infections is a concern of every wrestler, wrestling parent and coach. While skin infections such as ringworm ( Tinea fungus), impetigo (bacterial infection), herpes (virus) and pink eye (conjunctivitis) are not uncommon in contact sports, wrestlers need to take specific precautions to avoid infection.

We all know that wrestlers and fighters are special athletes. Along with being special athletes come special needs. Staying healthy and free from infections is one of these needs.

The most important step we can take toward preventing and curing skin infections is to educate ourselves. Once we are properly educated we can begin to lay a solid foundation, brick by brick, for healthy, infection tolerant skin.

Skin infections are caused by three different sources:

1. Fungus (most common is Tinea)

    * Causes ringworm, jock itch, athlete’s foot, and infected nails

2. Bacteria

    * Causes Staph, impetigo and MRSA

3. Virus

    * Causes Herpes and warts